Issue 104: January 16-23, 2022

Table of Contents:

Recent News

Core Team member, binaryFate, claimed he will be publishing a new General Fund report soon.

noot's CCS proposal to work on an ETH<->XMR atomic swap implementation gets moved to funding required stage and fully funded in just a few hours! Work in progress.

selsta's CCS proposal to keep working on Monero development in a part-time fashion gets fully funded in one day.

LocalMonero updates its canary after some community members' concern over a dead canary ASCII art.

Reddit user, OrangeFren, seeks community feedback on his brand-new website to compare rates across KYC-free coin swapping services. Check it out here.

Reddit user, Unkn8wn69, shared a new Telegram bot to check MoneroOcean's mining statistics. It may be a useful tool for miners.

Reddit user, ryitnoise, launched a directory website to accomplish a circular Monero economy just a week after announcing it.

Haveno DEX announced they have found the team to work on their GUI client, posted a teaser of what their dark UI will look like as well.

Upcoming Events

January 26, 2022 (Wednesday) – 16:00 UTC

Farcaster XMR<->BTC Swap Dev Meeting - #monero-swap IRC channel; Matrix room.

January 26, 2022 (Wednesday) – 17:00 UTC

Research Lab Meeting - #monero-research-lab IRC channel; Matrix room.

January 29, 2022 (Saturday) – 17:00 UTC

Dev Meeting - #monero-dev IRC channel; Matrix room.

January 30, 2022 (Sunday) – 16:00 UTC

Community Workgroup Meeting - #monero-community IRC channel; Matrix room.

January 30, 2022 (Sunday) – 18:00 UTC

MoneroKon 2022 Meeting - #monero-events IRC channel; Matrix room.

CCS Proposal Ideas

Below you can find recent CCS proposal ideas open for discussion.

CCS Proposals Need Funding

MoneroKon 2022 by midipoet.

Raised 253.41 of 328.00 XMR

Price & Blockchain Stats

Blockchain Stats

Block height: 2543168

Hash rate: 3.260 GH/s

Average Tx per block: 30.90

Weekly Moving Average Tx per day: 22,993

Block reward: ~0.72 XMR

Data taken on Jan 15, 2022

XMR Blocks Distribution in last 1000 blocks

Hashrate Pool Distribution Pie Chart

Price & Performance

XMR Market Cap: $2,785,511,680 Street Price: $171.63

Monero (XMR) Price

01/22/21 Week Month Year
USD $154.05 -29.5% -27.0% +12.9%
EUR €135.79 -29.0% -27.2% +21.2%
BTC ₿0.00434820 -13.9% +4.9% +5%

Data taken on Jan 22, 2022

XMR Price Graph

XMR Price Graph 01/16/22-01/22/22


Volunteer Opportunities

If you want to get involved in making Monero better, but aren't sure how, check out some volunteer opportunities.

Test Monero Core Software

Anyone with moderate technical ability is encouraged to try to build and run Monero nightlies. Do not trust it with your Monero, but feel free to open an Issue on GitHub as problems arise. Instructions to build on your OS of choice can be found here.

Getting Started with Helping Monero

If you are new to Monero and want to contribute, please check out this article about volunteering and contributing to Monero from the Monero Outreach Workgroup.

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