Issue 172: May 18 - 25, 2023

Table of Contents:

Recent News

jeffro256 posted a new vulnerability disclosure Post-Mortem of 10-Block-Old Decoy Selection Bug 2023. Advice: update all wallets to v0.18.2.2.

Haveno DEX v0.0.6.

MySu Wallet v0.4.3.2.

Feather Wallet v2.4.9.

Stack Wallet v1.7.10.

lukeprofits released Monero Subscriptions Wallet. Reddit thread.

rbrunner7 published a new XMR sci-fi short story titled RingCT.

Monero Magazine interviewed Nam Sardar to talk about Monero's purpose considering current global trends. Video here.

Upcoming Events

May 27, 2023 (Saturday) – 15:00 UTC

Community Workgroup Meeting - #monero-community IRC channel; Matrix room.

May 27, 2023 (Saturday) – 17:00 UTC

MoneroKon 2023 Meeting - #monero-events IRC channel; Matrix room.

May 29, 2023 (Monday) – 18:00 UTC

Seraphis Wallet Workgroup Meeting - #no-wallet-left-behind IRC channel; Matrix room.

May 31, 2023 (Wednesday) – 17:00 UTC

Research Lab Meeting - #monero-research-lab IRC channel; Matrix room.

CCS Proposal Ideas

Below you can find some CCS proposal ideas open for discussion.

CCS Proposals Need Funding

None; all funded for now.

Price & Blockchain Stats

Blockchain Stats

Block height: 2893777

Hash rate: 2.601 GH/s

Average txs. per block: 31.43

Weekly Moving Average txs. per day: 22762

Block reward: 0.6 XMR

Data taken on May 25, 2023.

XMR Blocks Distribution in last 1000 blocks

Hashrate Pool Distribution Pie Chart

Price & Performance

XMR Market Cap: $2,732,196,753. Street Price: $163.36.

Monero (XMR) Price

05/25/23 Week Month Year
USD $150.55 +0.3% -4.7% -26.0%
EUR €140.36 +0.7% -2.5% -26.4%
BTC ₿0.00571530 +1.5% -0.7% -16.5%

Data taken on May 25, 2023.

XMR Price Graph

XMR Price Graph 05/18/23-05/25/23

Sources:;;; statistics; blocks.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you want to get involved in making Monero better, but aren't sure how, check out some volunteer opportunities.

Test Monero Core Software

Anyone with moderate technical ability is encouraged to try to build and run Monero nightlies. Do not trust it with your Monero, but feel free to open an Issue on GitHub as problems arise. Instructions to build on your OS of choice can be found here.

Getting Started with Helping Monero

If you are new to Monero and want to contribute, please check out this article about volunteering and contributing to Monero from the Monero Outreach Workgroup.


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