Issue 7: May 2-9, 2019

Table of Contents:

Recent News

Logs from the Dev Meeting from May 5, 2019 are available on GitLab

XMR can now be used to buy & sell everything on WSWC, a marketplace like eBay for cryptocurrency users

Monero Coffee Chat stream from May 4, 2019 is available on YouTube

Monero Talk with Mohamed Fouda on Evaluating the Privacy Coin Space is available on YouTube

Upcoming Events

May 11, 2019 (Saturday) – 17:00 UTC

Community Workgroup Meeting

May 13, 2019 (Monday) – 17:00 UTC

Research Lab Meeting

May 14, 2019 (Tuesday) – 17:00 UTC

Monero GUI Meeting

May 18, 2019 (Saturday) – 17:00 UTC

DefCon27 Workgroup Meeting

May 19, 2019 (Sunday) – 17:00 UTC

Dev Meeting

May 23, 2019 (Thursday) – 17:00 UTC

Tini2p Dev Meeting

CCS Proposal Ideas

Below you can find recent CCS proposal ideas open for discussion.

CCS Proposals Need Funding

Monero representation at the Oslo Freedom Forum 2019 by midipoet

Raised 21.01 of 40.00 XMR (53%)

GUI UX coding (3 months) by dsc

Raised 161 of 282.00 XMR (57%)

Xiphon part time coding (3 months) by xiphon

Raised 74.18 of 111.00 XMR (67%)

Knueffelbund GUI design for Q2 2019 by knueffelbund

Raised 31.56 of 37.00 XMR (85%)

ErCiccione: Coordinator of the Localization Workgroup - March by ErCiccione

Raised 51.50 of 144.00 XMR (36%)

Price & Blockchain Stats

Blockchain Stats

Block height: 1831097

Median block size: 292.97 kB

Hash rate: 327.214 MH/s

Average Tx per block: 16.14

Weekly Moving Average Tx per day: 11737

Block reward: 2.82 XMR

Data taken on May 9, 2019

Hashrate Pool Distribution

Hashrate Pool Distribution Pie Chart

Price & Performance

XMR Market Cap: $1,089,114,039 Street Price: $64.51

Monero (XMR) Price

XMR to 05/09/19 Week Month Year
USD $64.17 -0.5% -9.8.8% -71.1%
EUR €57.31 -0.6% -9.4% -69.4%
BTC Ƀ0.01051846 -12.7% -22.2% -56.7%

Data taken on May 9, 2019

XMR Price Graph for May 2 - May 9, 2019

XMR Price Graph 05/02/19-05/09/19


Monero-Accepting Non-Profit of the Week


Multidisciplinary Academic Grants in Cryptocurrencies (MAGIC) is a non-profit that is focused on doing good in the world utilizing cryptocurrencies. Their mission includes such things as “providing undergraduate scholarships, research grants, and infrastructure grants, as well as hosting and participating in educational, scientific, or otherwise academic events.”

They accept donations in Monero and other cryptocurrencies via Globee.

Check back next week for another merchant that accepts Monero for their goods and services.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you want to get involved in making Monero better, but aren’t sure how, check out the volunteer opportunities below.

If you know of any merchants or exchanges that are still using a long form payment ID, please let the community know so we can contact them and ask them to integrated addresses or subaddresses. Feel free to leave them in the comments of this Reddit thread.

Test I2P-Zero

Download I2P Zero for your machine, follow the direction in the README, and report any issues to the Issue tracker on GitHub, or IRC channel #i2p-zero.

Test Monero Core Software

Anyone with moderate technical ability is encouraged to try to build and run Monero nightlies. Do not trust it with your Monero, but feel free to open an Issue on Github as problems arise. Instructions to build on your OS of choice can be found on GitHub.

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